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FIDIC ACESL is the national body of consulting engineers in Sri Lanka. ACESL is affiliated to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC. Founded in 1980 to promote common professional interests, ACESL now comprises 18 firms and 156 individual members. 
The ACESL has been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not with a share capital; since the enactment of the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982, operate under the Companies Act. It was incorporated by an act of parliament No. 42 of 2003.

President’s Message

ACESL President

During the past 02 years every industry has been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic, many in an overwhelmingly adversely way. Some are still struggling to recover in light of the substantial damage done during the pandemic all over the globe including our country.

The construction industry in Sri Lanka also faced several challenges due to the sporadic lockdowns, disruption in supply chains, shortage of material and increased costs due to consequent import restrictions.

Impact due to the pandemic for the consulting Engineering services is enormous. The government of Sri Lanka also terminated several ongoing major infrastructure projects, several projects in pipeline as well as ongoing consulting services provided by some of our member firms. As a result, several consulting engineers lost their livelihoods for varying periods.

There will be major challenges for all of us in this New Year 2022. The pandemic is forcing every sector to find and strive for innovative and quick adaptive solutions. COVID-19 forced the construction industry also to step outside of the box and think creatively. It is also about playing the important role we have in supporting our economy.

Suffice to say, the construction industry—along with all others—has been altered today, tomorrow, and beyond. While there are challenges and tribulations, there are also opportunities for growth, success, and positive impact. As Consulting Engineers, we have a major role to play in this process.

Due to pandemic, we were forced to use IT technology for meetings instead or meeting physically. This is a positive effect of the pandemic and today we can save our time & cost due to reduced travelling. Also, this helps all the professionals to attend any meeting irrespective of where they are residing. Activities of the ACESL were also limited during the past 22 months. However, the Council conducted regular meetings through online platforms.

Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) commenced the process of registration of the consultancy firms. ACESL also actively engaged and represented to protect the rights and privileges of our membership.

This is the high time to strengthen the ACESL for the betterment of Consulting engineering and for safeguarding our member firms and individual consulting engineers. To achieve this, we have to expand the member’s involvement and representation for the ACESL activities. I trust that new council will take this challenge and will drive the association in the right direction.

Thank you,

Eng. Anura Gamage

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