Welcome to The Association of Consulting Engineers

FIDIC ACESL is the national body of consulting engineers in Sri Lanka. ACESL is affiliated to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC. Founded in 1980 to promote common professional interests, ACESL now comprises 18 firms and 136 individual members. 
The ACESL has been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not with a share capital; since the enactment of the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982, operate under the Companies Act. It was incorporated by an act of parliament No. 42 of 2003.

President’s Message

ACESL President

I am extremely grateful to the Council Members for the trust and honor bestowed upon me by electing me as the president of ACESL. I had the privilege to serve in the Council during the past two years. I realized how difficult it is to run the association and deliver all what the members need from the Council. It is going to be a big task, but I assure all the members of ACESL that I will endeavor to meet your expectations.

During the two Council Meetings we already had, a number of issues were identified and an action plan is being prepared to address them. Council alone cannot do that. It needs your support and advice and the inputs. First of all we have to put our house in order. I propose to set up several task committees to work on each important issue. Please do feel free to send your ideas, suggestions and proposals that help in achieving the objectives of ACESL. I am confident that all members will help in our efforts to the best possible.

Let us work together!

Eng. Kirthi Sri Senanayake

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