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Qualification of Members

  • 4 (1) Subject to the provisions of Rule 2, no person shall be qualified for Membership of the Association unless he:
  • is citizen of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (a) and
  • is a corporate member of the Institution of Engineer ,Sri Lanka or of any other professional institution of engineers acceptable to the Council of the Association (b), and
  • has 7 years of professional experience subsequent to admission to corporate membership (c), and
  • is in active practice as a Consulting Engineer as deemed by the Council, either individually or as a director, partner or a consultant in a company or firm of Consulting Engineers or is an employee holding a responsible position as a senior engineer in a Government department or a statutory engineering organization with the right to private practice (d).

Qualification of Corporate Membership

  • 4 (2) No Company or firm shall be qualified for Membership of the Association unless:
  • the company is registered as company under the Companies Act or the name of the firm is registered under the Business Name Ordinance, and (a)
  • the primary object of the company or the nature of business of the firm is the provision of engineering consultancy services (b) , and
  • not less than 51 per cent of its directors or partners are persons having qualifications for Membership of the Association (c), and
  • in the case of a company, more than sixty percent of the ordinary shares are held by citizens of Sri Lanka.(d).
  • The company or firm shall be represented by a director/partner who is a Member or is eligible for Membership.

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